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Stacey J. Smith

Stacey Smith

Office: C314 BNSN
Office Phone: 801-422-2090
Lab Phone: 801-422-7563
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B.S., Chemistry, Summa cum Laude, Brigham Young University (2007)

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Brigham Young University (2012)

Postdoctoral Research, X-ray Crystallography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012-2013)

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XRD facility manager

The diffraction of X-rays by a crystalline solid can reveal its 3-dimensional atomic and molecular structure. Knowing the atomic structure of a material enables us to understand its properties, manipulate its behavior, and engineer new materials with similar or better properties/functionality.

The X-ray Diffraction (XRD) facility at BYU currently houses two XRD instruments: a PANalytical X’Pert Pro MPD instrument for analyzing polycrystalline samples (P-XRD) and a Bruker FR591 Cu rotating anode instrument with a 4-circle goniometer and an Apex II detector for analyzing single crystal samples (SC-XRD). The SC-XRD instrument is routinely used to solve small molecule single crystal structures. With the low temperature Kroflex attachment, powder samples can also be investigated at low temperatures via transmission mode capillary experiments. The P-XRD, with its 15-position sample changer, a high temperature sample stage, and a capillary sample mount, is routinely used to identify materials, calculate the crystallite size of nanomaterials, quantify mixtures, perform in-situ high temperature experiments, and perform capillary experiments. The XRD facility supports both research and teaching in the department.


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Professional Activities:

American Crystallographic Association (ACA) member, 2010-present

            Secretary of the Service Crystallography Special Interest Group in the ACA (2014-2016)

            Chair-elect (2014-2015) to become Chair (2015-2016) of the General Interest Group in the ACA

International Union of Crystallographers (IUCr) member, 2011-present

American Chemical Society (ACS) Member, 2009-present