Chemistry and Biochemistry

Castle Lab

The Castle Group 2016
(L to R): Jintao Jiang, Ankur Jalan, Kei Webber, Steven Castle, Yu Cai, Sia Im, Blake Christensen, David Kastner
Not Pictured: Mary Jackman, Collin Sanderson 

to R): Sia Im, James Burton, Amanda Garrity, Concordia Lo, Kei Webber, Steven Castle, Seth Bohman, Yu Cai, Ankur Jalan, Blake Christensen, David Kastner

Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Ankur Jalan, PhD student, Organic Chemistry


B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India

My research focuses on the solid phase synthesis of peptides containing bulky dehydroamino acids. They have recently discovered that peptides containing bulky dehydroamino acids are very less prone to proteolysis. They are using this innovative and patented technology to stabilize anti-cancer peptides for better therapeutic outcomes.

Concordia Lo, PhD student, Organic Chemistry


Previous Lab Members

Mary Jackman, M.S. student, Organic Chemistry


B.S. Molecular Biology, Brigham Young University

Yu Cai, PhD student, Organic Chemistry


M.S. Chemistry, Nankai University, China