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A Chemist Without Borders

Posted: in Faculty, Mar 07, 2013

Though it was her husband’s political science research that brought her to Uganda, chemistry professor Jennifer Nielson started a project of her own. She began with a simple question—What’s happening with science in Uganda? What she found surprised her.

“The conditions teachers had to work in were pretty abysmal,” said Nielson. “I couldn’t believe how little resources there were, even at the university.”

In many schools, they didn’t even have ...

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BYU Scientists Find Gene Sequences That Stall Protein Synthesis

Posted: in Research, Mar 01, 2013

Machines don't always run smoothly--phone calls drop, computers crash and cars stall

A new Brigham Young University study shows the same kinds of problems happen to the molecular machinery within our cells.

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Pioneering the Impossible

Posted: Feb 27, 2013

Forget the bonnets and handcarts. Bring out the stem cells and microchips.

A modern pioneer came to BYU last week. Dr. Robert Langer from MIT shared his own experience and trailblazing wisdom in biochemistry engineering at the annual Izatt-Christensen Lecture.

“I definitely did it when it was unpopular, and I certainly did a lot of experimental work when people felt that chemical engineering was purely mathematics,” said Dr. Langer.

Langer hasn’t lost a humble ...

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CPMS Recognizes Dr. Macedone for Excellent Teaching

Posted: in Faculty, Staff, Feb 07, 2013

Dr. Jeff H. Macedone recently received the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award (3-10 years) at the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Awards Banquet on Thursday, January 31.

“[Dr.] Macedone is an energetic teacher whose enthusiasm is contagious,” a news article in the college newsletter reads. “Though his courses can be tough, students continue to give him the highest ratings.”

Appropriately, Dr. Macedone’s favorite part about his job is turning students on to chemistry ...

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BYU Conference To Be Held March 9

Posted: Jan 23, 2013

The 27th annual Student Research Conference will be held March 9 in the Jesse Knight Building.

"Every year at the CPMS Student Research Conference (SRC) hundreds of students present on research they have participated in during the last year. Undergrad and graduate students have the chance to be part of real research, and many are published," reads the description for a video on last year's conference, produced by CPMSTV.

For more information on ...

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World-Renowned Biotechnology Authority to Lecture at BYU

Posted: Jan 11, 2013

Dr. Robert Langer is a giant in the field of chemical engineering and biomaterials. With nearly 1,190 articles and more than 800 patents to his name, he is one of the most prolific and most cited engineers in history. A day in the life of Dr. Langer includes halting tumor growth, growing human tissue for skin grafts and teaching at MIT as an Institute Professor. He has also helped start 25 companies and his ...

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A Chemical Breakthrough

Posted: in Faculty, Organic, Research, Jan 10, 2013

Dr. Daniel Ess’s new chemical reaction has caused a national reaction among chemists.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t like to use metal catalysts to synthesize their drugs. So when Dr. Ess and a collaboration of professors discovered a way to do a needed reaction without metal, it gained national attention.

“The problem is even if you put a little bit of metal in your reaction, you’re going to spend enormous effort and time cleaning ...

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Y-Chem Commended by American Chemical Society

Posted: in Student, Nov 30, 2012

The Y-Chem Society was selected in September to receive its second consecutive Commendable Award for its activities during the last academic year.

The Commendable Award is the second-highest recognition that can be given to student chapters by the American Chemical Society. Y-Chem is one of 81 student chapters selected by the ACS’ Committee on Education to receive a Commendable Award. Dr. Daniel Austin, who served as Y-Chem’s faculty advisor last year, is proud of ...

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