Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Openings

There are many research groups which have current openings! (Below is just a short list)

Students who are interested should utilize the Undergraduate Research Booklet to find current research topics and contact those faculty whose research interests them: inquire about whether the group has openings and make an appointment to talk with the Professors.

Faculty Group 

Project Title


Dr. Dearden 

Molecular modeling: calculate structures and energetics of molecular complexes.

 Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Chem 111 is a plus, but not absolutely essential.

Experimental measurement of molecular collision cross sections: help in characterizing a new method for measuring the sizes of molecules using a high-performance mass spectrometer. 

Completion of Chem 227 is a plus but not absolutely essential


pH and Glucose Sensing in Trypanosoma brucei (the causative agent for African Sleeping Sickness or HAT).

 Minimum qualifications: Chem 105/106 or 111/112, Chem 107 or 113.  MMBIO 241 is also helpful, but not required.

Dr. Willardson

Mechanisms of Assembly of Cell Signaling Complexes

Chem 481 Biochemistry 

Dr. Goates

 Laser Spectroscopy Studies of Chemical Systems

Students from 1st year on are welcome; the primary qualifications are an eagerness to learn, self-motivation, and a readiness to tackle unfamiliar problems.

Dr. Harrison

 Synthesize and characterize ZnO nanomaterials for hydrogen sulfide adsorption. 

All Undergraduate students

Dr.  Andrus

I always have  openings for undergrad researchers. If you are interested please make an appointment with me.