Chemistry and Biochemistry

Talmage Research Internship

Talmage Research Internships offer the opportunity to perform high-impact research in a laboratory of your choice at Brigham Young University. Research areas include biochemistry, organic, physical, analytical, inorganic, and theoretical chemistry. Many labs also offer the potential for crossover research in the areas of energy, materials, catalysis, and cancer. Interns will be trained using state-of-the-art equipment and novel instrumentation, for example, ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry, low temperature adiabatic calorimetry, ultra-high vacuum for temperature programmed reaction spectroscopy, and supercomputers. Internships are eight weeks; Talmage internships fulfill requirements for undergraduate universities with a capstone/internship requirement. Talmage interns are often contributing co-authors on peer-reviewed publications.


10-Week Overview





The application package consists of the application form (completed, dated, and signed), a current transcript (unofficial is acceptable), and two letters of recommendation from chemistry or biochemistry instructors. The table below has application due dates. See the application form for details.

Term  Application Deadline   Internship Dates*
 Summer   March 31  June 4 - August 9
 Fall  July 15  September 18 - November 9 
 Winter  November 1  January 21 - March 15

 Internship Information Flyer 

 Online Application Summer 2018 (open)

 Online Application Fall 2017 (closed)

 Online Application Winter 2018 (closed)

Example Past Talmage Research Internship Projects:

Mechanistic determination of C-C bond forming reactions using Carbon Dioxide
-Hans Anderson (Brigham Young University – Idaho)

DNA-based fabrication of nanomaterials
-Aleksei Ananin (Dixie State University)

Carrier multiplication in GaAs via frequency-specific THz electric field enhancement
-Nicholas Ellsworth (Utah Valley University)

Understanding non-covalent ion-pi interactions in peptide model systems
-Mohammad Samha (Southern Utah University)


Publications resulting from Talmage Research Internships:

High-Acquisition-Rate Single-Shot Pump-Probe Measurements Using Time-Stretching Method
M. Kobayashi, Y. Minami, C. L. Johnson, P. D. Salmans, N. R. Ellsworth, J. Takeda, J. A. Johnson, I. Katayama. Scientific Reports 6, 37614 (2016).

Radiofrequency trapping of ions in a pure toroidal potential distribution 
J. M. Higgs, B. V. Petersen, S. A. Lammert, K. F. Warnick, D. E. Austin. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry395, 20−26 (2016). 

Fluorescence imaging of ion distributions in an inductively coupled plasma with laser ablation sample introduction. L. M. Moses, W. C. Ellis, D. D. Jones, P. B. Farnsworth. Spectrochimica Acta105, 47-59 (2015).

Regioselective Base-Free Intermolecular Aminohydroxylations of Hindered and Functionalized Alkenes
Z. Ma, B. C. Naylor, B. M. Loertscher, D. D. Hafen, J. M. Li, S. L. Castle. Journal of Organic Chemistry77, 1208, (2011).