Chemistry and Biochemistry

Undergraduate Research Awards

The URA proposal packet for Spring/Summer 2017 is due by Friday, March 24th, at noon in C104 BNSN. The packet includes a cover page (link below) and your one page URA proposal. You must provide a physical copy of your packet to Sue Mortensen in C104 BNSN.

All applicants applying for the first time are required to attend a URA workshop on Wednesday, March 22, at 5:00 pm in W140 BNSN. URAs due Friday, March 24 at noon. (same due date as TA applications). Anyone else who may have questions about the URA or would like more URA training is also welcome to attend. At this meeting, we will discuss how to write a high-impact URA proposal to increase your odds of getting funded. You are expected to already have a rough draft of your proposal by the time of this meeting.  Please refer to the Guidelines document to help you write your proposal.

URA Cover Page Spring/Summer 2017

Guidelines for URA Application Spring/Summer 2017