Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Benson Building

The Ezra Taft Benson Science Building was built in 1995. It houses the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the College of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Building Maps

Building Specifications

Gross square feet 192,200 square feet
Net usable space 116,870 square feet
Roofing space

59,368 square feet or 6,596 square yards (football field = 5,333 square yards)



37,800 cubic feet

(equivalent to a 5-foot-wide, 4-inch-thick, 43-mile-long sidewalk to Salt Lake City)

Copper pipe 138,000 lineal feet (26 miles)
Black steel pipe 100,000 lineal feet (19 miles) 
Fire extinguishing pipe 24,981 lineal feet (5 miles)
Distilled water pipe 12,000 lineal feet (2.5 miles)
Electrical conduit 214,800 lineal feet (41 miles)
Electrical wire 771,000 lineal feet (146 miles)
Data cables 140,000 lineal feet (27 miles)
Telephone cables  42,000 lineal feet (8 miles)




Last updated 9 February 2016