Chemistry and Biochemistry


Department faculty members bring together experience from a wide variety of research universities and institutions. Their interests span chemistry and biochemistry, including several interdisciplinary areas. They have been recognized both nationally and internationally. Our faculty members serve on editorial boards of 10 different respected journals, while 11 have served, or are currently serving, on boards of directors or advisory boards of international scientific organizations.

Faculty members work together. This spirit of camaraderie and cooperation results in many collaborative investigations. Analytical chemists collaborate with synthetic organic chemists, while thermodynamicists and biochemists collaborate with crystallographers, and theorists develop models for experimenters. Working on such projects, students benefit from close interaction with several faculty and other members of research groups outside their own areas. Sharing of equipment and other resources is common.

Short descriptions of the faculty, their interests, and illustrative selections from their publications may be found by visiting their individual pages in the faculty directory. The ACS Directory of Graduate Research may also be consulted, or individual faculty members may be contacted for more detailed information. 

Last updated May 2013