Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Overview


Name Position
Office Extension
Dearden, David V. Department Chair C104B BNSN 2-2355
Willardson, Barry M.  Associate Department Chair C104C BNSN 2-2785
Harrison, Roger G. Associate Department Chair C104A BNSN 2-8096


Name Position
Office Extension
Hansen, Jaron C. Analytical C307 BNSN 2-4066
Graves, Steven W. Biochemistry C212 BNSN 2-2148
Watt, Richard K. Inorganic/Materials C210 BNSN 2-1923
Savage, Paul B. Organic/Biomolecular C404A BNSN 2-4020
Smith, Stacey J. Professional C314 BNSN 2-2090
Woodfield, Brian F. Physical C304A BNSN 2-2093


Name Position
Office Extension
Andersen, Joshua L. Biochemistry E111 BNSN 2-7193
Andrus, Merritt B. Organic C410 BNSN 2-8171
Asplund, Matthew C. Physical C309 BNSN 2-5275
Austin, Daniel E. Analytical C310 BNSN 2-1551
Bronson, R.Todd Organic C163,C401 BNSN 2-7388
Burt, Scott R. Physical/Organic C414, C080 BNSN 2-2404
Castle, Steven L. Organic C411 BNSN 2-1780
Christensen, Ken A. Biochemistry C205 BNSN 2-0249
Dearden, David V. Analytical C308 BNSN 2-2355
Ess, Daniel H. Organic C403 BNSN 2-9164
Farnsworth, Paul B. Analytical C211A BNSN 2-6502
Goates, Steven R. Analytical C311 BNSN 2-2227
Graves, Steven W. Biochemistry C212 BNSN 2-2148
Hansen, Jaron C. Analytical C307 BNSN 2-4066
Harrison, Roger G. Inorganic C209 BNSN 2-8096
Johnson, Jeremy A. Physical C312 BNSN 2-0245
Linford, Matthew R. Analytical/Inorganic C306 BNSN 2-1699
Macedone, Jeffery H. Analytical E110 BNSN 2-1356
Michaelis, David J. Organic C409 BNSN 2-9416
Moody, James D. Biochemistry C201 BNSN 2-6272
Mortensen, Daniel N. Teaching Professor E114 BNSN 2-7123
Nielson, Jennifer B. Organic C412 BNSN 2-4312
Patterson, James E. Physical C303 BNSN 2-1481
Peterson, Matt A. Organic C463 BNSN 2-6843
Price, J.C. Biochemistry E113 BNSN 2-6040
Price, Josh L. Organic C406 BNSN 2-3689
Sansom, Rebecca L. Teaching C161 BNSN 2-9089
Savage, Paul B. Organic C404A BNSN 2-4020
Sevy, Eric T. Physical C361 BNSN 2-7235
Smith, Stacey J. Physical C314 BNSN 2-2090
Stowers, Kara J. Inorganic C405 BNSN 2-0835
Van Ry, Pam M. Biochemistry C209 BNSN 2-1540
Watt, Richard K. Biochemistry/Inorganic C210 BNSN 2-1923
Willardson, Barry M. Biochemistry C204A BNSN 2-2785
Wood, Steven G. Biochemistry/Organic  C206 BNSN 2-8697
Woodfield, Brian F. Physical C304A BNSN 2-2093
Woolley, Adam T. Analytical C305 BNSN 2-1701


Name Position
Office Extension
Bronson, R. Todd Organic Lab Coordinator C163 BNSN 2-7388
Goates, Steven Lecture Prep C311 BNSN 2-2227
Sansom, Rebecca L. Freshman Laboratory Coordinator C161 BNSN 2-9089
Smith, Stacey X-ray C314 BNSN 2-2090
Burt, Scott NMR C008A, C414 BNSN 2-2404
Macedone, Jeff Exploratory Lab E110 BNSN 2-1356


Name Position
Office Extension
Ballew, Jeffrey Research Administrator C106 BNSN 2-5818
Palmer, Layne Assistant to Administrative Assistant C104 BNSN 2-2792
Van Sickle, Karie Graduate program Manager C101 BNSN 2-4845
Mortensen, Susan H. Administrative Assistant C104 BNSN 2-6269
Kennington, Anna Executive Department Secretary C100 BNSN 2-3667


Name Position
Office Extension
Steve Johnson Business Manager N 214 NICB 2-6154
Harper, Teresa Support Services Supervisor N 214 NICB 2-2676
Todd Fluckiger Department Purchasing Agent N 214 NICB 2-6155


Name Position
Office Extension
Allen, Matthew Central Stockroom Manager and Safety Officer  N 126 NICB 2-3487
Fluckiger, Todd   Assistant Stockroom Manager     N 126 NICB  2-3804


Name Position
Office Extension
Armstrong, James R. Science Support Shop Supervisor N 285 NICB 2-3235
Burt, Scott NMR Spectroscopy Specialist C008A BNSN 2-2404
Hallock, Robert B. Instrument Shop N 285 NICB 2-2044
Jackson, Bruce J. Mass Spectrometry Specialist C266 BNSN 2-5545
Morgan, Randy Computer Support Representative N 209 NICB 2-4108
Assistant Computer Support Representative N 209 NICB 2-5771
Smith, Stacey X-ray Specialist C314 BNSN 2-2090
Whitehead, Bart F. Science Support Shop N 285 NICB 2-7179


Name Position
Office Extension
Christensen, Ken Graduate Coordinator C205 BNSN 2-0249
Van Sickle, Kari Graduate Program Manager C101 BNSN 2-4845
Austin, Daniel E. Teaching Assistant Assignments C310 BNSN 2-1551

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Last updated 13 August 2019