Chemistry and Biochemistry

National Chemistry Week

National Chemistry Week is an annual program held by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

This awareness initiative endeavors to unite and educate chemistry students, teachers, scholars, professionals, amateurs, and general fanatics in regards to the importance chemistry plays in our quality of life. NCW occurs on the third week of October each year.

National Chemistry Week 2020: October 18-24

Click here to access the ACS’s website, which is chock-full of fun ideas for celebrating National Chemistry Week at home.

Some of our favorite activity ideas from 2020's NCW were:

- create flubber (a polymer)

- make glue at home

- build a baking soda volcano

- go stargazing

We're sad we were unable to celebrate NCW with you in person . . . but we had fun celebrating at home, and we hope you did, too!


NCW Annual Magic Show

Every year, the Department puts on a National Chemistry Week performance to showcase the magic of chemistry. This year's magic show stars XRD facility manager Dr. Stacy Smith, who filmed this video remotely with her sons Bruce and Henry.