Chemistry and Biochemistry

Research Facilities and Equipment

Research activities occupy more than 50 percent of our $30 million state-of-the-art 192,000-square-foot building. The University library science collection includes more than 500,000 volumes and about 9,000 journal subscriptions.

Major equipment available in the Department includes NMR (300, and two 500 MHz's); mass spectrometry (ICR MS, ToF-SIMS, MALDI); X-ray diffraction (powder and single crystal); spectrophotometry (IR, visible, and UV); lasers (YAG, gas, excimer, Ti:sapphire, and dye); separations, including GC, LC, IC, GE-MS, LC-MS, CE, microchip CE; orbitrap mass spectrometer, particle size analyzers; environmental chambers; ICP; thermodynamics (calorimeters of all types, including temperature and pressure scanning, titration, flow, heat conduction, power compensation, combustion, and metabolic); and molecular biology (DNA synthesizer and sequencer, phosphorimager, tissue culture facility, recombinant DNA facility, fluorescence-activated cell sorter, and ultracentrifuges).

All computing facilities are fully networked, including computational chemistry and laboratory workstations as well as office personal computers, with convenient connection to supercomputing facilities and the Internet. Fully staffed shops for glassblowing, machining, and electronics also serve research needs.

The graduate student computer lab offers useful software as well as routine internet access to all department graduate students. 



Graduate Student Computer Lab