Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate Student Computer Lab

The graduate student computer lab is located in C221 BNSN

This lab serves three purposes:

  1. Provide computer access for incoming graduate students before they join a research group, e.g. for completing course work.
  2. Provide software tools that may be useful for research, but are not available on research group computers or personal computers, e.g. the Adobe software for making figures and posters.
  3. Provide computer access for non-research purposes such as course work, e-mail, etc.


The computer lab has 3 Windows computers, 2 Macintosh computers, a scanner and printer. The following software is available:


Access: Speak with Amy Cetz (C 101 BNSN) to get the door code.

Scanning: By popular demand there is a scanner in the room.  However, it is often more convenient to use the faculty area printers to scan documents and email the resulting pdfs to yourself.  You can log in to these printers using your chemistry username & password - however, you need to use the "direct entry" button after pressing the "login name" button.  More detailed instructions are posted on each scanner/printer in the faculty areas.

Printing: The department printing policy is that all personal printing (e.g. email) and all course related printing (e.g. homework) should be paid for by the student.  Thus, these items can be printed from C221 or N175 via the Pharos printer kiosks using money on your student ID card.  If you are creating research related documents in C221, you will need to save them in a form that can be printed from a computer in your research group in order to print to one of the department network printers.


The faculty contact for this computer lab is Dr. Scott Burt. If you have problems to report or requests to make, please direct these to or 801-422-2404.

Last updated 10 April 2020