Chemistry and Biochemistry

BYU Hazards

1. BYU is located along the Wasatch Fault, one of the most active faults in the United States. Utah Seismograph Stations record over 700 seismic events every year, most of which are very small. About 13 of these earthquakes every year are of a magnitude of 3.0 to 4.0 on the Richter Scale, but cause no damage. However, based upon geological studies, large earthquakes (6.5-7.5) occur on the Wasatch Fault about once every 400 years. According to geologists, the chance of such a large earthquake on the Wasatch Fault during the next 50 years is about one in five (20%). 

2. In addition to the very real threat of a large earthquake, BYU could also be affected by numerous other potential incidents, emergencies and disasters. The following situations have been identified as possible occurrences that need to be evaluated and addressed in any emergency planning effort at BYU: