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Cram Lehn Pedersen Prize in Supramolecular Chemistry

The Cram Lehn Pedersen prize, named in honor of the winners of the 1987 Nobel Prize in chemistry, recognizes significant, original and independent work in the area of supramolecular chemistry.

ChemComm, a leader in publishing supramolecular chemistry research and supporting young chemists, sponsors the award.

The winner will receive a monetary honorarium, free registration for the ISMSC meeting and give a lecture at the meeting as well as a short lecture tour organized after the meeting in consultation with the Editor of Chemical Communications.

Those who were awarded their PhD within 10 years of the application year (or who have an award of PhD date together with allowable career interruptions* that would be commensurate with award of their PhD within 10 years) are eligible for the award. (For example, to be eligible for the 2020 award, a person must have received a PhD on or after 1st January 2009.)

Persons wanting to be considered for the award, should be in an independent position and send a CV, list of publications (divided into publications from PhD and post-doc and those from your independent work), and if desired a letter of nomination (recommended) to Prof. Roger Harrison (ISMSC Secretary) at by December 31 before the next ISMSC meeting.

*Allowable career interruptions include primary caregiver’s responsibilities, illness, disability or parental leave and must be outlined in a cover letter with supporting documentation.

For parental leave, a flat rate of 18 months will be added to the time since award of the PhD for the primary caregiver and for each child born. The same principle also applies for child adoption. 

[Supporting documents required: birth certificate(s) or passport(s) of the child(ren), family book or any other official document that links the parent and the child(ren).]

For all other allowable career interruptions (or if the actual parental leave actually taken was longer than 18 months per child) then an extension will be granted corresponding to the documented time of the period of leave(s) taken. 

See the previous award recipients.

Donald J. Cram

University of California,

Los Angeles

Jean-Marie Lehn

University Louis Pasteur

Charles J. Pedersen

Du Pont

Izatt-Christensen Award

Professor Izatt and the late Professor Christensen conceived the International Symposia concept and organized the first five Symposia starting in 1977.

IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc., of American Fork, Utah, USA, is the sponsor of the award.

The winner will receive a monetary honorarium and financial assistance for travel expenses. This award is open to anyone working in the area of macrocyclic chemistry who has not received an international award of $25,000 USD or more.

A panel of five international macrocyclic chemists representing the sub-areas of the field selects the winner.


Send a nomination packet for the Izatt-Christensen Award to Dr. Reed M. Izatt, reedmizatt@gmail.comby February 1.

The Nomination Packet should include: (1) a nomination letter introducing the awardee, (2) a Nomination Statement in four pages or less presenting in detail the background, scientific accomplishments, and other achievements qualifying the candidate for the award, (3) a curriculum vitae for the candidate, (4) three or fewer letters from peers supporting the nomination of the candidate, and (5) a listing of no more than ten publications by the candidate describing his/her scientific work.

See the previous award recipients.


Reed M. Izatt

Brigham Young University

James J. Christensen

Brigham Young University