Chemistry and Biochemistry

Rank and Status Documents

Rank and Status List of Requirements

Rank and Status Suggestions

CPMS Summary Sheet

Expectations of a Professional Faculty Member

Expectations of a Professorial Faculty Member

Checklist of Materials for Rank and Status Review

Suggestions for Improving Rank and Status Reviews from Craig Hart

Suggestions for New Faculty Anticipating 3rd and 6th Year Reviews for CFS and Rank Advancement

Nomination for Continuing Faculty Status and Advancement in Rank

Department Schedule for Rank/Status Reviews

Teaching Template

Professorial 3-year Notebook (Write-Ups) Template-1

Professorial 3-year Notebook (Separators) Template-1

Professional 3-year Notebook (Write-Ups) Template-1-1

Professional 3-year Notebook (Separators) Template-1-1

Professorial 6-year Notebook (Write-Ups) Template-1

Professorial 6-year Notebook (Separators) Template-1

Professional 6-year Notebook (Write-Ups) Template-1-1

Professional 6-year Notebook (Separators) Template-1-1

Appendix A: Checklist of Materials to Include in File for Professorial Faculty