Chemistry and Biochemistry

Woodfield Lab Group


Current Lab Members

Graduate Students

Tahereh Gholian


Marko Popovic, PhD student, Physical Chemistry


B.S. Chemistry, Belgrade University

I am working on finding the relationship between entropy in thermodynamics and Shannon information entropy in information theory. The future goal of the research is to apply this relationship to living organisms.

Ying Zhang, PhD student, Physical Chemistry


B.S. Heilongjiang University

I test the hydrothermal stability of silica-doped alumina (SDA) under steam treatment and use molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to determine the dopant molecules location in SDA. I determine the complete phase evolution and detailed structure of SDA using a combination of Pair Distribution Function (PDF) and Rietveld analyses.

Undergraduate Students

Jason Calvin, Undergraduate

B.S. Chemistry, Minor Physics, Mathematics

I research the heat capacities of materials from 1.8-300 K using Quantum Design's Physical Property Measurement System. We can also learn about the properties of these materials from their heat capacities.

Previous Lab Members 

Jessie Webb


B.S. Chemistry, BYU

Stacey Smith

Ph.D Chemistry, BYU