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We use ultrafast spectroscopy with expertise in high-field Terahertz (THz) generation to study characterize and control material properties on trillionth-of-a-second time scales. Our three main areas of emphasis involve:

1) Technique Development – Developing organic crystals for THz generation, optimizing plasma generation of THz, and refining single-shot probing measurements.

2) Structural and Vibrational Control – High field THz radiation can drive atoms in a crystalline lattice far from equilibrium, allowing us to experimentally extract the shape of the interatomic potentially energy surface

3) THz electronics – We utilize strong THz pulses in conjunction with meta-material structures to study excited electron dynamics in semiconductors and gain key information for developing future high-speed electronics

Such experiments involving Structural and Electronic Control are laying the foundation for the development of extremely high speed switches that will be central to a host of future electronic devices.