Chemistry and Biochemistry

Current Lab Members

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Graduate Students

Monique Paré SpeirsPhD student, Biochemistry


B.S. Biology, Wilson College

It was originally believed that genetic mutations are the driving force of cancer. However, as our knowledge of regulation at the levels of mRNA and protein steadily increases, it is becoming questionable whether or not DNA is the sole player in disease onset and progression. I am studying protein kinetics and metabolism in different cancer types including chemoresistant and chemosensitive breast cancer to identify specific processes that trigger cancer cell fitness and growth. Protein metabolism is a promising target for improving current anti-cancer drugs and developing new alternatives to chemotherapy.

Haifa AlmughamsiPhD student, Biochemistry


M.S, Chemistry, Tennessee State University

Haifa is a Ph.D. student from Saudi Arabia. She received a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry in Saudi Arabia at King Abdul-Aziz University and a Masters degree at Tennessee State University (TSU). While at TSU, she examined the biochemistry of immune cells that had been exposed to environmental contaminants found in human tissues. Now she is working to understand the mechanisms of in-vivo control of protein homeostasis.  She joined Dr. Price’s lab because she believes it is a place that can help her reach her ultimate goal; to help influence Saudi Arabian culture to more fully embrace modern technological processes and apply them in all aspects of life. She also believes Dr. Price’s lab will help her acquire the versatility needed to reach her full potential as a technician and as a university staff member. Haifa has always said no matter how rigorous the path, she will persevere in her goal. It is her destiny.

Brad Naylor


Bradley Naylor received his B.S. in Biochemistry from BYU.  He is now a fourth year graduate student studying for a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from BYU.  Bradley’s current work is in Kinetic Proteomics using Mass Spectrometry.  He works on programs to perform data analysis and studies how different dietary conditions affect protein turnover rates.  His work will aid others in using kinetic proteomics and understanding the affects diet can have on the proteome.

Richard Carson

Richard Carson earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology.  After a successful stint as a high school chemistry teacher for several years, he decided to try another career, and entered graduate school.  As a third year PhD student, Richard uses kinetic proteomics in a mouse model to investigate the mechanisms behind how advanced glycation end product (AGE) dietary signaling decreases health and lifespan in calorie-restricted organisms.  Results should lead to greater understanding of aging processes, and the eventual identification of new therapeutic targets for a wide range of age-related diseases including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.



Undergraduate Students

Austin Hannemann




I am from Alpine,UT and a Math major hoping to go to Medical School. I love to code. I help write and optimize computer programs that analyze the data we collect. My wife thinks I'm a big nerd.

Brittany Johnson



I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am currently an undergraduate studying neuroscience and chemistry at Brigham Young University. This lab has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn applicable laboratory skills. I am currently trained in comparative protein quantification through the use of Western Blot. This lab has helped me gain more of an appreciation for science and technology. I could not have asked for a better group to work alongside.  I love the work we do here!

Nathan Keyes 



Nathan Keyes is a senior Biochemistry undergraduate student at Brigham Young University. He is married to Kaylee and has one son, Felix. Nathan also is minoring in Military Science in BYU’s ROTC program. Nathan grew up in Lancaster California and attended Quartz Hill High School. He served a mission in the Boise Idaho Mission as a Spanish speaking elder. Nathan Joined with JC Price Lab in order to gain experience in a laboratory setting and develop useful skillsets. When Nathan Graduates he plans on attending optometry school and then eventually commissioning in the United States army as an optometrist.

Ryne Peters


Ryne is a senior undergraduate majoring in Neuroscience. He grew up in a small community in eastern Arizona called Eagar. Following his graduation from high school in 2006 he served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Idaho Boise Mission. In May 2009 he married Tami Crosby, also from Eagar, Arizona. After some schooling at both BYU and Arizona State University, Ryne decided to stop going to school and pursue a career in business with State Farm Insurance. In 2014, after working full time for several years, Ryne decided to pursue an entirely new course and re-enroled at BYU. He now plans to attend medical school beginning in the fall 2018. Ryne joined Dr. Price’s lab after taking a class taught by Dr. Price. He was profoundly inspired by Dr. Price’s passion for his work and his thought provoking vision of the future of biochemistry. Ryne and Tami have two sons, Blake (age 6) and Colter (age 3).  


Stephen Ames


My name is Stephen Ames, I’m from Idaho Falls, and I am a senior majoring in Physiology and Developmental Biology. I’ve been with the Price lab since January of 2016, and I’ve loved my time here. My current focus is testing if calorimetry scans can be used to effectively differentiate between patients with rheumatoid arthritis and those without. I’m in the middle of applying to medical schools, and my goal is to one day be a pediatrician. In my down time, I enjoy playing the piano, reading, and rock climbing.



Adam C. Swensen

Adam C. Swensen is a Biochemistry PhD whose research focuses on mass spectrometry (MS) techniques and development. He has been involved in many MS based studies including: metabolomics, lipidomics, proteomics and small molecule detection.  His school research interests include cancer research, biomarker discovery, and method development. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. He did undergraduate research at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) doing a metabolomics study of a pathogenic bacteria using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Before beginning grad school he worked with CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) and the Department of Energy (DOE), doing flammable gas analysis (FGA) by GC/MS/TLD and SUMMA canister sampling of transuranic (TRU) waste drums at the Hanford 200W Waste Receiving and Processing (WRAP) Facility. Aside from research, Adam has several other interests.  He has had his pilot’s license since he was 18 years old, loves anything related to aviation and has a two-seat airplane under construction.  He loves motorcycles, camping, building things, family time and his MINI Cooper S R52.

Andrew Mathis

Studied in vivo remodeling of the Ribosome.  Received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Biochemistry from BYU before moving on to the Biomedical Sciences PhD program at University of Texas Southwestern