Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stowers Laboratory Members

Group members : Ethan Gunnell, Andrew Jo, Santosh Balijepalli, Justin Park, Zach Pribyl, Christine Sorenson, Zheng Zhou, Kara Stowers *Not pictured: Camille Jackson, Clifton Anderson

Visiting Group Members: Hans Anderson; Honorary Group Members: spouses pictured.

Postdoctoral Fellows:


Dr. Santosh Balijepalli

Ph.D. University of Rome "TorVergata, Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials

Our resident XPS expert, Santosh spent some time working in Germany and Italy studying the properties and structure of surfaces before joining us. He now works on understanding mechanism of CO2 on surfaces. When he’s not in lab, he’s playing volleyball or out exploring Utah by camping and hiking.


Graduate Students:

 Steven K. Butler

 B.S. Chemistry, BYU

Justin Park, Ph.D. Candidate

B.S. University of Utah

Before coming to graduate school, Justin worked as a Quality control chemist for a start up company. He now works on understanding the capacity of Mo as a deoxygenation catalyst in the solution and gas phase. When he’s not in lab he’s climbing, playing volleyball or eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches.


Christine N. Sorenson

B.S./M.S. Idaho State University

Hailing from Pocatello, Christine finished off a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree before joining the group. She now works on the interface of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts in figuring out how best to activate and use CO2 as a feedstock. When she’s not in lab, she’s out playing sports or taking care of her dogs.


Zheng Zhou

B.S./M.S. Oregon State University

“Joe” joined us from Oregon where he did some work on quantum dot synthesis as he obtained his Master’s degree. He continues a bit of that work in a new direction as he studies the CO2 adsorption capacity on amine decorated CNT. When he’s not in lab he may be found swimming or playing computer games.


 Undergraduate Students:


Zachary Pribyl

Mechanical Engineering (projected 2017)

Zach was a transfer student from Clark University. With a firm grasp of chemistry from his minor, he now works on building the ultra-high vacuum chamber for studying surfaces. When he's not in lab he enjoys sports, especially lifting weights and volleyball.


Clifton Anderson

Chemical Engineering (projected 2017)

Clifton also comes to us from engineering. He’s been working on microscope work and looking into solid catalyst synthesis and mechanism. When he’s not in lab he’s learning about orbitals.


Ethan Gunnell

Chemical Engineering (projected 2017)

Ethan joined us to learn more about synthesizing catalysts, but since he has joined he has been working closely with Zach to get the chamber up and running. When he’s not in lab he’s learning about orbitals.


Camille Jackson

Chemistry (projected 2019)

Camille is one of our newest members. She has been working with Justin and Steven on understanding how best to use IR to characterize the materials we have made. When she’s not in lab, she’s hitting the books and chatting with friends.



Jongsu Choi (Biochemistry B.S. BYU 2016, Now BYU Graduate Student)

Christian Shafer (Exercise Science B.S. BYU 2016, Now in Medical School)

Preston Anderson (Biochemistry B.S. BYU 2016, Now in Medical School) 

Jae Cho (Chemical Engineering B.S. BYU 2017)