Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stowers Laboratory News

Winter 2018: Spencer Lee joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.

Christine's paper on MOF-templated catalysts is published!

Fall 2018: Justin's paper regarding Ni-Ce-oxide catalysts is published!

Lindsey Alder joins as an undergraduate researcher.

Clifton Anderson graduates and starts a MS in engineering.

Santosh Balijepalli finishes his post-doctoral research position with us to take a job as a professor at a community college. Congrats Santosh!

Summer 2018: Zhou's paper on amine-grafted CNT absorption of CO2 is published! We welcome Dana Kuntz as our first REU student!

Steven Butler graduates with his Masters degree and heads to Minnesota to start on his PhD. Bye Steven!

Spring 2018: Emma Orcutt joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.

Fall 2017: Hans officially begins his PhD program. Welcome to the group Hans!

Summer 2017: Hans Anderson joins lab as a summer intern. Isaac Cloward comes to be our Talmadge fellow. Welcome Isaac and Hans!

Spring 2017: Zach Pribyl (our first undergraduate researcher) graduates and gets an awesome job at Los Alamos National Lab. Great job Zach!