Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stowers Laboratory News

Fall 2016 XPS takes it’s first spectra of a gold sample! Congratulations Santosh!


Summer 2016 Welcome to summer Talmadge Fellowship Intern Hans Anderson and summer High School Student Drake Hansen 


Spring 2016 Welcome to Dr. Santosh Balijepalli! Our first postdoctoral fellow in the group!


Spring 2016 ACS Petroleum Research Grant awarded for Carbon Dioxide research.


Spring 2016 Congratulations to Zachary Pribyl for the ORCA award in research. 


Winter 2015 Graduate Students Christine Sorenson and Zheng Zhou join the group.


Fall 2015 Grant received from the Utah Energy Research Triangle for Carbon Dioxide adsorption on Carbon Nanotube materials.


Summer 2015 Christian Shafer, Preston Anderson, and Clifton Anderson are awarded URA’s for summer research. Congratulations!


Winter 2014 Justin Park joins as the first graduate student. Welcome aboard Justin!


Fall 2014 Zach Pribyl and Jongsu Choi are awarded URA’s for semester research. Congratulations!