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David S. Jensen, Vipul Gupta, Rebecca E. Olsen, Alex T. Miller, Robert C. Davis, Daniel H. Ess, Zihua Zhu, Michael A. Vail, Andrew E. Dadson, Matthew R. Linford. Functionalization/passivation of porous graphitic carbon with di-tert-amylperoxide. J. Chrom. A. 20111218, 8362 – 8369.

Wiest, L.A.; Jensen, D.S.; Hung, C.-H.; Olsen, R.E.; Davis, R.C.; Vail, M.A.; Dadson, A.E.; Nesterenko, P.N.; Linford, M.R. “Pellicular Particles with Spherical Carbon Cores and Porous Nanodiamond/Polymer Shells for Reversed-Phase HPLC.” Analytical Chemistry 2011,83(14), 5488-5501.

Song, J.; Jensen, D.S.; Hutchison, D.N.; Turner, B.; Wood, T.; Dadson, A.; Vail, M.A.; Linford, M.R.; Vanfleet, R.; Davis, R.C. “Carbon Nanotube-Templated Microfabrication of Porous Silicon-Carbon Materials with Application to Chemical Separations.” Advanced Functional Materials 201121(6), 1132 – 1139.

Madaan, N.; Terry, A.; Harb, J.; Davis, R.C.; Schlaad, H.; Linford, M.R. “Functionalization of Sulfhydryl-Terminated Monolayers on Gold and Silicon Dioxide with Polybutadiene and  Post-Functionalization with Different Thiols, including DNA-SH, via Thiol-Ene Chemistry.” J. Chem. Phys. C. 2011115(46), 22931 – 22938.

Saini, G.; Jensen, D.S.; Wiest, L.A. Vail, M.A.; Dadson, A.; Lee, M.L.; Shutthanandan, V.; Linford, M.R. Core-Shell Diamond as a Support for Solid-Phase Extraction and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Analytical Chemistry 2010, 82(11), 4448-4456.

Abbott, J.; Niederhauser, T.L.; Hansen, D.P.; Perkins, R.T.; Bell, D.A.; Bard, E.C.; Lunt, B.M.; Worthington, M.O.; Miller, C.M.; Hyatt, D.F.; Asplund, M.C.; Jiang, G.; Linford, M.R.*; Vanfleet, R.R.*; Davis, R.C.* “Carbon Coated Tellurium for Optical Data Storage”. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2010, 2(8), 2373 -2376.

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