Chemistry and Biochemistry

R. Todd Bronson

R. Bronson

Office: C163 BNSN, C401 BNSN
Office Phone: 801-422-7388
Lab Phone: 801-422-4224
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B.S. Chemistry, Brigham Young University (1996)

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Brigham Young University (2003)

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The Bronson Lab works to provide a top quality organic laboratory and lecture experience for undergraduates. Dr. Bronson's research expertise is in the area of host-guest chemistry.


Polyelectrolytes as new matrices for secondary ion mass spectrometry.  Lua, Y.Y.; Yang, L., Pew, C. A.; Zhang, F.; Fillmore, W. J.; Bronson, R. T.; Sathyapalan, A.; Savage, P. B.; Whittaker, J. D.; Davis, R.C.; Linford, M. R.  J. Am. Soc, Mass Spectrom200510, 1575-82.

Efficient immobilization of a cadmium chemosensor in a thin film: generation of a cadmium sensor prototype.  Bronson, R. T.; Michaelis, D. J.; Lamb, R. D.; Husseini, G. A.; Farnsworth, P. B.; Linford, M. R.; Izatt, R. M.; Bradshaw, J. S.; Savage, P. B. Org. Lett.20057, 1105-1108.

Origins of ‘on–off’ fluorescent behavior of 8-hydroxyquinoline containing chemosensors.  
Bronson, R. T.; Marco Montalti, M.;  Prodi, L.;  Zaccheroni, N.; Lamb, R. D.;  Dalley, K. N.;  Izatt, R. M.;  Bradshaw, J. S.;  Savage, P. B.Tetrahedron, 2004, 60, 11139-11144.

Characterization of Bis-8-Hydroxyquinoline-Armed Diazatrithia-16-crown-5 and Diazadibenzo-18-crown-6 Ligands as Fluorescent Chemosensors for Zinc. Kawakami, J.; Bronson, R. T.; Xue, G.; Bradshaw, J. S.; Savage, P. B.; Izatt, R. M. J. Supramol. Chem.20031, 221-227.

Analysis of 5-chloro-8-methoxy-2-(bromomethyl)quinoline by XPS.  Thomson, J.; Stoker, J.; Bunker, J.; Agbonkonkon, N.; Iyer, G.; Bronson, R. T.; Savage, P. B.; Linford, M. R.; Husseini, G. A. Surface Science Spectra20029, 241-249.

Bis-8-hydroxyquinoline-Armed Diazatrithia-15-crown-5 and Diazatrithia-16-crown-5 Ligands: Possible Fluorophoric Metal Ion Sensors. Bronson, R. T.; Bradshaw, J. S.; Savage, P. B.; Fuangswasdi, S.; Lee, S. C.; Krakowiak, K. E.; Izatt, R. M. J. Org. Chem., 200166, 4752-4758. (This article was highlighted on the cover of the Journal of Organic Chemistry on July 13, 2001)

Synthesis of Diazadi(and tri)thiacrown Ethers Containing Two 5-Substituent(or 2-methyl)-8-hydroxyquinoline Side Arms. Bradshaw, J. S.; Song, H.; Xue, G.; Bronson, R. T.; Chira, J. A.; Krakowiak, K. E.; Savage, P. B.; Izatt, R. M. Supramol. Chem., 200113, 499-503.

A convenient synthesis and preliminary photophysical study of novel fluoroionophores: macrocyclic polyamines containing two dansylamidoethyl side arms.  Xue, G.; Bradshaw, J. S.; Song, H.; Bronson, R. T.; Savage, P. B.; Krakowiak, K. E.; Izatt, R. M.; Prodi, L.; Montalti, M.; Zaccheroni. N. Tetrahedron, 200157, 87-91.

New Tetraazacrown Ethers Containing Two Pyridine, Quinoline, 8-Hydroxyquinoline or 8-Aminoquinoline Side Arms. Yang, Z.; Bradshaw, J. S.; Zhang, X.; Savage, P. B.; Krakowiak, K. E.; Dalley, N. K.; Su, N.; Bronson, R. T.; Izatt. R. M. J. Org. Chem., 199964, 3162-3170.