Chemistry and Biochemistry

Steven G. Wood

Steven Wood

Office: C211A BNSN
Office Phone: 801-422-8697
Lab Phone: 801-422-5774
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B.S. Chemistry, Brigham Young University (1973)

M.S. Organic Chemistry, Brigham Young University (1975)

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Brigham Young University (1983)


Additional research area: Organic Chemistry


Screening phosphatidylcholine biomarkers in mouse liver extracts from a hypercholesterolemia study using ESI-MS and chemometrics. Anal Bioanal Chem, (2009), p 643-654.

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Lu, X., Dalley, N. K., Wood, S. G., Owen, N. (2008). Structure elucidation of compounds extracted from the Chinese medicinal plant, Patrinia heterophylla. Natural Product Research, 21, 677-685.

Lu, X., Li, D., Dalley, N. K., Wood, S. G., Owen, N. (2007). 'Structure Elucidation of Compounds Extracted from the Chinese Medicinal Plant, Patrina heterophylla,'. Natural Product Research, 21,2007,, 677..