Chemistry and Biochemistry

Financial Support

Student financial support includes tuition and a teaching or research assistantship.

Assistantship Support

For the 2018-2019 academic school year, the financial assistantship for our chemistry and biochemistry graduate students is $25,000 for a full year of work. Absences of greater than two weeks may result in decreased compensation.

All graduate students making normal progress toward their degrees are guaranteed teaching or research assistantships for the 4 - 5.5 years normally needed to complete the PhD degree, or for the 2 - 2.5 years needed for the MS degree.

Those students on a teaching assistantship participate in teaching-related assignments which can include working with a professor to teach a course, overseeing student laboratories, grading coursework, or being responsible for a departmental instrument. A majority of students are on teaching assistantships during their first 1-2 years while they themselves are taking classes. Most students are required to have two semesters of teaching responsibilities.

Students working in laboratories may be supported on research assistantships. This provides the same amount of support as a teaching assistantship, but is provided to students to carry out their degree-related research. Most research assistantships come from external funding for research provided to a faculty member through a successful grant application. These can provide full financial support or a portion of it, the balance coming from teaching assistantships. A few research assistantships are available to students based on merit. Students often receive research assistantships during spring and summer terms.

Tuition Support

All graduate students are provided full tuition for all degree-related coursework at the university required for a Masters (30 hours) or Doctoral (54 hours) degree. Tuition is paid for course and research credits for as long as the student is making satisfactory progress in his/her degree program.