Chemistry and Biochemistry


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BYU graduate student class of 2014

Video Testimonials

David Jensen, PhD in Chemistry, 2011

Giriraj Dahal, PhD in Biochemistry, 2011

Stacey Smith, PhD Chemistry, 2011

Vinod Chaudhary, PhD in Chemistry, 2011

Bing Ma, PhD in Chemistry, 2009

Written Testimonials

Eduardo Sanz Garcia, PhD in Biochemistry, 2011




“Attending BYU was one of the best decisions of my life. I like the proximity between students and professors and the staff. They look at you as an individual. They try to help you, and support you. The mentoring at BYU is a cornerstone.”



Nannan Fang, PhD in Chemistry, 2009 



“I feel comfortable to complete my Ph.D. program at BYU even though I am not an LDS Church member. During these years, both my advisor and committee members have helped me gradually build a correct attitude to be a chemist and get ready for my future career. The plenty of collaborations inside or outside the department provide me with a good condition to do research and greatly broaden my background.”


Bridget Peeni, MS in Chemistry, 2006



“Attending graduate school at BYU has been a tremendous opportunity. I have found the positive atmosphere and general desire of the BYU professors to support all students have allowed me to achieve success as a chemist. The high degree of collaboration encouraged between professors both within and outside the chemistry department has allowed me to develop a large base of skills that have proved critical for my research and increased my future marketability.”


Matthew Reeder, MS in Chemistry, 2004



"My classes and research, and subsequent publication of my work, has enabled me to be very well prepared for a competitive industry job market. Upon graduation I found a position with a good company doing interesting research while being compensated well. BYU also prepared me well for further academic study."



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