Chemistry and Biochemistry

Clubs and Organizations

BYU's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides support for undergraduates and graduates alike by means of the various clubs and organizations on campus. Getting involved in the clubs and organizations listed below is a great way for graduate students to connect with the Department and their fellow students.

Women in Chemistry

BYU's Women in Chemistry Club (WIC) "serves female chemists in pursuit of excellence." Their three main goals and purposes are to inspire women to pursue scientific careers, support women in their scientific careers, and address issues in life quality. This club is available for female undergraduate and graduate students. Follow this link to join WIC and for further information about the club.


Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA)

All graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry become part of the Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA). The main purposes of this organization is to help incoming graduate students, provide them with career opportunities, and help them to network within the department. Follow this link to learn more about the CGSA and how to get involved.