Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Before beginning their graduate program in this department, all admitted students should find the Graduate Student Handbook webpages on the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry website and read them thoroughly. Failure to meet deadlines will cause your record to appear on a problem report generated the third week of each semester, and may result in marginal or unsatisfactory evaluations on your permanent record. Failure to complete program requirements on time can result in withdrawal of financial and/or tuition awards and eventual termination from the program.


There are two separate direct deposit set-ups. You will need to complete both:
1. Set up a direct deposit for your paychecks (found under Payroll)
2. Set up a direct deposit for any other awards you may receive while a student here (found under- Refunds)


Domestic students only:
International students only:

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Last updated 12 June 2017