Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Graduate Student Association (CGSA)


Nathan Zuniga, Chair


Concordia Lo, Organic Chemistry
Colten McEwan, Biochemistry
Kaylee Rellaford, Physical Chemistry
Nitish Bhardwaj, Analytical Chemistry
JD Singleton, Organic Chemistry
Lavendar Lin, Biochemistry
Dhananjay Patel, Analytical Chemistry
Elaura Gustafson, Analytical Chemsitry


  1. Help incoming graduate students
    1. Help all international and domestic students get accustomed to the new environment and culture at BYU
    2. Aid them with initial accommodation and other paperwork formalities
    3. Assist them with their academic queries
  2. Career opportunities
    1. Establish alumni network
    2. Compile a list of companies suggested by all graduate students which can help career services to contact listed companies for information, available positions, and potential career fair visits
  3. Networking within department
    1. Streamline networking between students, department and career services
    2. Get acquainted with research going on within the department
    3. Improve students' presentation and communication skills


  1. Monthly activity lasting 45-50 minutes focusing on a specific topic that will help graduate students succeed in life
  2. Invite speakers from Career Services to advise on resume formatting, networking skills, interview preparations, and job search tools
  3. Invite professionals from academia and industry to speak to students periodically; topics range from research, to career opportunities, and to the importance of research and development in industries.
  4. Share senior graduate students' experiences related to research and job-hunting process