Chemistry and Biochemistry

Current Topics Course, CHEM 692R

There are four to five sections of CHEM 692R, each with a different theme. Each student (under the supervision of their advisor and committee) should register for one of the sections each year based on the current topic of their research. Themes could change annually. The current themes (2019-20) are:


(Sec 1)

Synthesis and Chemical Biology

(Sec 2)

Catalysis or Functional Materials

(Sec 3)

Instrument and Method Development

(Sec 4)


(Sec 5)

W141 Pam Van Ry
W009 Paul Savage
W012 Roger Harrison
C107 Walter Paxton
W010 Matthew Asplund
Opening (3pm)
Closing (4pm)
Opening (3pm)
Closing (4pm)
9 Sep Roshan Loku - (LP) JLA Brady James - (LP) PBS Joule Esene - (LP) ATW
16 Sep Parag Laljibhai Gajjar - (LP) JDM Erin Martinez - (LP) DJM Yiran Liang - (LP) RTK
23 Sep Shelby Harris - (LP) RKW Peter Mpaata - (LP) MBA Jimmy Coombs - (LP) DHE Chao Pang - (LP) ATW
30 Sep Ashley Markham - (LP) PVR Jatinder Singh - (LP) SLC Seth Taylor - (APR) PBS, SLC, DJM, JLP, RKW Brandon Turner - (APR) DEA, DVD, JCH, ETS, Radebaugh Aldair Alejandro - (LP) JAJ
7 Oct Matthew Rathgeber - (LP) PVR Kimberlee Stern - (LP) JLP Chloe Chan - (LP) RGH Brittany Knighton - (APR) JAJ, ETS, GLH, MCA
14 Oct Chrissy Egbert - (LP) JLA Steven Draper - (APR) JLP, SLC, DJM, MAP, KAC Kyle Clark - (LP) MCA Andikan Nwosu - (LP) RTK Dhananjay Patel - (APR) MRL, JCH, DVD, BML
21 Oct Theresa Smith - (APR) BMW, KAC, PBS, JCP, JLA Radhya Weligama Gamage - (LP) DEA
28 Oct Josh Tseng - (LP) JDM Qiang Xiao - (APR) JLP, DJM, SLC, MAP, KAC Concordia Lo - SLC, JLP, MBA, JLA Josh Wheeler - (LP) DHE George Major - (LP) MRL
4 Nov Yujin Kwon - (LP) BMW Josiah Lindlow - (LP) PBS Yesman Akuoko - (LP) ATW Jamir Shrestha - (LP) DVD
11 Nov Colten McEwan - (APR) JLA, KAC, BMW, RKW Grant Ludlam - (APR) BMW, JCP, KAC, JLA, Shen Teron Haynie - (LP) PBS Dulashani Ranasinghe - (LP) ATW Thy Truong - (LP) RTK
18 Nov Mary Vallecillo - (LP) PVR Isaac Smith - (LP) MBA Tianyao Meng - (APR) PBS, DJM, SLC, JLP, JCP Nitish Bhardwaj - (APR) JCH, DEA, MRL, SRG, RGH Kaylee Rellaford - (APR) JEP, MCA, ETS JAJ, Homer
25 Nov Rebecca Viazzo - (LP) PVR Alexander Ramos - (LP) SLC Keith Willes - (LP) WFP
2 Dec Sara Soleimani - (LP) JDM Daniel Poole - (LP) JLA Daniel Joaquin Castenada - (LP) SLC Basu Aryal - (APR) ATW, MRL, BFW, Davis, Harb
9 Dec Jonard Valdoz - (LP) PVR Jacob Parkman - (LP) DJM

-          Writing component: The student choosing the article should also find and read at least two addiional articles related to their chosen paper (such as a review article and an article cited by the paper). The student will write a one-page (single spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt font) summary of the topic based on the papers, comparing and contrasting their findings and conclusions, and submit it to the instructor before the presentation. The student is not required to include these additional articles directly in their presentation; the additional reading is intended to enhance the student’s understanding of the topic and ability to communicate it.
-          Literature presentation: The student choosing the article also prepares a 30-40 minute presentation to give during the class. The format of the presentation should be that of a seminar presentation, but questions are posed and addressed during the course of the presentation. The student will be evaluated on their presentation on a pass/fail basis by the faculty present in the class and must pass one presentation per year. Students are invited to come to class with insightful, stimulating questions about the paper.  As part of each class, up to three individuals can receive credit for a quiz if their questions are judged by the faculty present to be high quality and among the top three questions generated by the students.  
-          Reading the literature: During Fall and Winter semesters, a student (under the supervision of their advisor) selects a recent article (last 3 years) from a journal of their choice. They send this article to the students and faculty in the class at least one week prior to the class. Everyone is expected to read it prior to class. The student choosing the article writes a four-to-five question quiz (approved by the advisor) given during the first five minutes of the class. Students must pass 70% of the quizzes each semester to receive a passing grade in the class.

-          Research proposal presentations: Also in fall semester, students in the beginning of their 2nd or 3rd years present their research proposal. The committee members of the student are expected to attend. For proposal requirements, go to the program requirements webpage.

-          Annual Reviews: During winter semester, two students per week give their annual progress reviews. Each is expected to give a 15-20 minute talk with five minutes for questions.  The committee members of the students are expected to attend. For annual review requirements, go to the annual reviews webpage.