Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Graduating Checklist

  • See Preparing to Graduate. There you will find the links to the deadline schedule, order your cap and gown, thesis/dissertation formatting guidelines, etc. (Note: you do NOT need to pay a graduation fee.)
  • Apply for graduation via AIM before the deadline – approximately three months before your anticipated graduation. Be sure to inform Kari Van Sickle you have done so so she can review and approve your graduation application. Indicate if you plan to attend graduation. If you change your mind about attending, please be sure to let Kari know as we need to know who will be participating in graduation. [You must be enrolled for two credits in the semester in which you defend. (Spring and summer terms equal one semester.)]
  • International students only: Apply for OPT, if desired, at least four months before your graduation date. It is vital that you work closely with International Services to remain in status.
  • Everything, including credits, ETD and hard copy submission, and doctoral survey (PhDs only), must all be completed by the last day of the semester. If not, your graduation will be delayed and you will be required to register and personally pay for two credits in the subsequent semester.
  • On the title page only the first letter of each word of the title should be capitalized, the date is for the graduation date, not the date of the defense. Carefully follow the templates for your initial pages.
  • Schedule a date, time and room for your oral examination. (Analytical students: schedule your presentation and your defense on two different days.) Assure your entire committee will be in attendance. Reserve the room through the department secretary.
  • Submit the completed "Department Scheduling of Final Oral Examination" (form 8c) to Kari at least two weeks before the defense.
  • Give your committee members a copy of your thesis/dissertation at least two weeks before the defense. (The drafts can be printed for free in the department. See the CSR Office if you need assistance with that.)
  • Email to Kari an announcement of the oral presentation at least four days before the exam. It should have the title, date, time and place of your defense. Your abstract should also be attached. Kari will send the announcement out to the faculty and graduate students, inviting them to attend. If you'd like to submit a photo of yourself to Kari, she will see that it is used on the posted notices.
  • Present and defend your thesis/dissertation.
  • Schedule an exit interview with the department chair's office (Sue Mortensen).
  • After your defense put the finishing touches on your dissertation/thesis if/as required by your committee.
  • Get the form 8D, given to you at your defense, signed by your committee, etc.
  • Prepare your thesis or dissertation and submit it as an ETD. For training on how to embed fonts go to: For ETD technical support, go to the multi-media lab in the media center on the fourth level of the HBLL (library), or call 801-422-5627. They offer a very helpful one hour class or they can give you individual help.The ETD website is also a valuable resource: There is a tutorial there that is very helpful. For instance, it tells you to be sure to type your thesis/dissertation using Styles in Word. After you submit your ETD it will be reviewed separately by the department and the dean's office, and approved or disapproved. If disapproved, complete whatever is required and resubmit it until it is approved. The ETD is a requirement for graduation and must be submitted and approved before submitting the thesis/dissertation online for printing. 
  • After the Library clerk documents the Form 8d you will need to take it to Graduate Studies (105 FPH) by the posted deadline.
  • See ETD Submission:
  • Go to the BYU Print and Mail Website and order at least 3 copies of your dissertation/thesis (one each for the department, the advisor, and you). You must give verification of your print order to Kari in order to be cleared for graduation. (Things to know for placing your order: choose the blue cover, and gold foil for the text on the cover; yes, you do want the BYU seal on the cover.) You are required to pay for the copies yourself.
  • Ph.D. students only: Complete the online doctoral survey (SED) and UMI form. The notices will be given to you on the day of your defense. Your graduation will be delayed if they are not submitted promptly.
  • Take the signed ADV Form 8d and the email confirmation of your printing order to Graduate Studies (FPH 105). This must be done before the last day of classes of the term.
  • If you have completed your thesis/dissertation and are no longer involved in approved research within the department, your BYU health insurance will be discontinued at the end of the semester/term that you hold your defense.
  • A few days before leaving campus, ask Kari for the "Checkout Form" or print it here. Complete and return it to her.
  • Please set up a lifetime e-mail forwarding service by visiting and following the link "Lifetime E-mail Forwarding" under Related Links. By keeping it updated, you will allow us to remain in contact with you in the future.                                                                                               

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