Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Graduating Checklist

  • See Preparing to Graduate. There you will find the links to the deadline schedule, order your cap and gown, thesis/dissertation formatting guidelines, etc

  • Apply for graduation via AIM before the deadline –  Indicate if you plan to attend graduation. If you change your mind about attending, please be sure to let Amy know as we need to know who will be participating in graduation. [You must be enrolled for two credits in the semester in which you defend. (Spring and summer terms equal one semester.)]

  • International students only: Apply for OPT, if desired, at least four months before your graduation date. It is vital that you work closely with International Services to remain in status.

  • ALL requirements, including credits, ETD and hard copy submission, and doctoral survey (PhDs only), must all be completed by the designated deadline from Graduate Studies. If not, your graduation will be delayed and you will be required to register and personally pay for two credits in the subsequent semester.

  • Send Amy Royer a copy of your thesis/dissertation AT LEAST one week and a day before your defense.  

  • Schedule a date, time and room for your defense. Assure your entire committee will be in attendance. Reserve the room through the department secretary.  Send Amy Royer the date, time, and room.

  • Present and defend your thesis/dissertation.

  • After your defense put the finishing touches on your dissertation/thesis if/as required by your committee.

  • Prepare your thesis or dissertation and submit your ETD on (on ETD tab). Information on the ETD can be found at For ETD technical support, go to the multi-media lab in the media center on the fourth level of the HBLL (library), or call 801-422-5627. 

  • After you submit your ETD it will be reviewed separately by 1) Graduate Studies, 2) Department, 3) Dean's office, and 4) Graduate Studies, and approved or disapproved. If disapproved, complete whatever is required and resubmit it until it is approved. The ETD is a requirement for graduation and must be submitted and approved before submitting the thesis/dissertation online for printing. 

  • Once approved at the 4th level and the last step, go to, scroll to the bottom, click on Order Theses or Dissertations, and order at least 1 copy of your thesis/dissertation. Please make sure to send this copy to C100 BNSN.  You must give verification of your print order to Amy in order to be cleared for graduation. (Things to know for placing your order: choose the blue cover, and gold foil for the text on the cover)  You are required to pay for the copies yourself.

  • Ph.D. students only: Complete the online doctoral survey (SED) and UMI form. The notices will be given to you on the day of your defense. Your graduation will be delayed if they are not submitted promptly.

  • Schedule an exit interview with the department chair's office (Layne Palmer).  Layne will send an email to start this process.

  • A few days before leaving campus, ask Amy for the "Checkout Form" or print it here. Complete and return it to her.

  • Please set up a lifetime e-mail forwarding service by visiting and following the link "Lifetime E-mail Forwarding" under Related Links. By keeping it updated, you will allow us to remain in contact with you in the future.                                                                                               

See pdf version of this page