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Cancer Research Center Renamed to Honor Daniel L. Simmons.

Posted: Dec 09, 2014

Dr. Simmons steps down after 17 years as the director of the center.  Dr. Steven L. Castle, also from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will be the center's new associate director.

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Finding New Treatments for Tuberculosis and Malaria in Nature

Posted: Jun 25, 2014

Dr. Michaelis' lab is developing "assembly-line chemical synthesis" using processes found in nature.

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Scientists Find New Way to Upgrade Natural Gas

Posted: Mar 13, 2014

Dr. Daniel Ess featured in the news for his study on natural gas. 

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Professor Ess Lands Front Cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Scoiety

Posted: Jun 03, 2013

Professor Daniel Ess and colleagues earned the front cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) for their research on biaryl structural motifs.

The team developed several new ways to link aromatic carbon rings to make biaryls, a common structure in pharmaceuticals, biologically active natural products, and transition-metal ligands. There are a variety of ways to create this link, but these new methods are especially useful.

“The biaryl carbon-carbon link is generally difficult ...

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A Chemical Breakthrough

Posted: Jan 10, 2013

Dr. Daniel Ess’s new chemical reaction has caused a national reaction among chemists.

Pharmaceutical companies don’t like to use metal catalysts to synthesize their drugs. So when Dr. Ess and a collaboration of professors discovered a way to do a needed reaction without metal, it gained national attention.

“The problem is even if you put a little bit of metal in your reaction, you’re going to spend enormous effort and time cleaning ...

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Daniel Ess' Research Highlighted in C&E News

Posted: Nov 14, 2012

The Chemical & Engineering News (C&E News) recently highlighted a paper by collaborators Dr Daniel Ess of BYU and Dr László Kürti of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The research details the experiment and theory of a new organic reagent that converts aryl boronic acids to primary aromatic amines.

The article was published Oct. 22 in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). C&E News referenced it in their Nov. 5 journal ...

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Rare Sponges May Carry a New Cure for Cancer

Posted: Oct 30, 2012

Cancer-killing chemicals in sea sponges? Sounds too good to be true.

But it’s not. Two years ago, Japanese scientists found a chemical compound inside of deep-sea sponges that helps destroy certain cancer cells.

The compound yaku’amide A is likely produced by bacteria that only grow in a certain type of deep-sea sponge. But it grows in such low quantities that it’s rather impractical to try to harvest. The more practical solution is ...

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Professor Investigates Stabilization of Protein-based Medications

Posted: May 04, 2012

This year, an estimated 8,880 Utah residents will be diagnosed with cancer, according to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. When you include friends and loved ones of patients, the number of individuals affected by cancer is much larger. The research of Professor Josh Price, of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is aimed at reducing that impact by enhancing the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs like those used to treat breast cancer and glaucoma.

Price, whose ...

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