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Professors Create Chemistry Camp to Fill Void and Inspire Young Minds

Posted: Aug 25, 2016

The inaugural BYU Chemistry Camp was a fun-filled three-day event for campers ages 9-12 who participated in hands-on, inquiry-based chemistry experiments. Campers came from all local Provo schools (Franklin, Provo Peaks, Timpanogos, and Wasatch) and from as far away as Alaska and Tennessee.The idea for the camp was sparked by Dr. Ess who was looking for a science camp for his 10-year old daughter to attend this summer. With no rigorous science camp offered ...

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2016 Outstanding Referee

Posted: Mar 08, 2016

BYU professor emeritus Douglas Henderson has been chosen by the editors of the APS Physical Review Journals as a 2016 Outstanding Referee. Congratulations!

Press release contact: Eunice Toro, American Physical Society,, 631-591-4047

Ridge, NY, 19 February 2016 — The American Physical Society (APS) has selected 146 Outstanding Referees for 2016 that have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in the Physical Review journals. The decisions were difficult and there are many ...

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Research Pays Off at ACS National Meeting

Posted: Apr 03, 2015

Of around 140 physical chemistry students in a poster session at the ACS (American Chemical Society) National Meeting in Denver last week, only a handful were chosen to receive awards for their research.  One of these few was BYU’s own Conner Harper, who graduated with his BS in chemistry this last December. 

Harper was awarded the American Chemical Society Division of Physical Chemistry Outstanding Student Poster Award for his research in Dr. David Dearden ...

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Finding the Gap in the Pattern

Posted: Feb 05, 2015

Jacob Schliesser, a graduate student from Vernal Utah, recently had an article published in Physical Review B.  

Physical Review B is often acknowledged as the best journal for condensed matter research. “It is definitely the best Journal I’ve published in so far,” said Schliesser. 

The article, “Lattice vacancies responsible for the linear dependence of the low-temperature heat capacity of insulating materials,” is actually Schliesser’s tenth paper to be accepted for publication. “I’ve ...

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Chromatography Student Published in Top Journal

Posted: Jan 29, 2015

PhD student Tayyebeh Panahi recently had an article published in the Journal of Chromatography A, one of the top journals that publishes work in analytical chemistry. 

Panahi works in Dr. Roger Harrison’s lab developing new stationary phases for ion chromatography columns. She then applies these columns to the separation and detection of analytes in biofluids and environmental waters.  Her article (on which she collaborated with Dr. Harrison, Dr. John Lamb, and Douglas Weaver) focuses ...

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BYU Chemists Research Gamma Alumina

Posted: Apr 23, 2014

Stacey Smtih, Brian Woodfield, and Juliana Boerio-Goates team up with Branton Campbell (Department of Physics and Astronomy) to study this important material.

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Turning Up the Heat

Posted: Nov 06, 2013

Dr. Scott Burt and collaborators at UCLA develop an MRI technique that produces a temperature map of gases in heterogeneous reactions. 

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Not Just for Looks: New Gold Mirrors Aid Investigation of Chemical Separations

Posted: Dec 06, 2011

Take a paper towel and dip the edge into water that is laced with colored dye. As the thin fibers of the towel soak up the mixture, the water and the dye separate — the further from the original point of saturation, the darker the color.

This basic experiment illustrates the process of chemical separation. Chemists use similar, albeit more complicated, procedures to analyze chemicals.

Professor James Patterson, of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, said ...

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