Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Professor Honored for Teaching Excellence

Posted: Sep 07, 2012

University president Cecil O. Samuelson honored Dr. Paul Farnsworth from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the 2012 University Conference on Tuesday, August 21.

Dr. Farnsworth, a professor of analytical chemistry and former department chair, received an alumni professorship for teaching excellence. The award includes a three-year stipend made possible by the BYU Alumni Association.

“Paul B. Farnsworth has served the university and its students for over 30 years,” the University Conference program reads. “He has an infectious love for chemistry and education, and he skillfully brings his enthusiasm for learning into the classroom and laboratory as an interactive instructor who engages students at all levels. Paul is noted for his rigor and genuine desire to help students reach their full potential. … In short, Paul is a consummate professor who demonstrates the very best attributes of the profession.”

By Jessica Henrie