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Congratulations to Dr. Milton Lee and Dr. Adam Woolley

Posted: Nov 03, 2017

The Department would like to recognize Emeritus Professor Milton Lee, and Professor Adam Woolley for being listed among the top ten scientists in the October 2017 issue of The Analytical Scientist magazine. Lee and Woolley were recongized for the “Separation Scientists: Cutting-edge chromatographers and experts in electrophoresis,” and the “Giants of Nano: Microfluids and nano science” categories respectively.

Ranked at number 9 for the "Separation Scientists" catagory, Milton Lee has been contributing for more than 40 years to the fields of Capillary Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid Chromatography (LC), and Super Critical Fluid Chromatography (SFC), and has earned a strong reputation among separation scientists. The Advice that he gave to his younger self would be: “Put more effort into developing collaborations. I have done a pretty good job of this during my career; however, I could have started earlier and been more effective. Involving others in research increases creativity and productivity because of the different skills and insights that are brought together.”

Adam T. Woolley is ranked at number 8 for the "Giants in Nano" catagory. When asked to describe his luckiest break Woolley commented on his very first US government grant from the Department of Defense: “The program officer initially told me he wouldn’t be able to fund it, and suggested I withdraw the proposal. About a week later he called and told me he had received my withdrawal letter, but that he had a new plan to try to get it funded: he asked me to submit a revised budget (about 10 percent higher!) and got it funded.”

The Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry would like to congratulate these professors for the scientific contributions they have made. 

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Photographer: Kuang Lee

Writer: Taelin Wilford