Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department Picnic a Success

Posted: Sep 27, 2010

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry held its annual department picnic Saturday, September 18, just inside Rock Canyon at Park Area 4.

About 180 graduate students, faculty, staff and their families attended for a delicious potluck with a wide array of foreign dishes as well as typical American food such as sloppy joe’s, green salad, and watermelon. After dinner, many enjoyed an equally varied arrangement of desserts. There were brownies, cookies, and a dish of exotic caramel-colored cuisine.

Volleyball was arguably the most popular activity, with enthusiastic students playing constantly throughout the evening. One of the highlights of the game was when one young man went for the ball, set it, and immediately crouched down so another member of his team could spike it over the net. Instead, the ball came down and bounced off his head. The game was temporarily discontinued while everyone who had seen, including the man himself, had a good laugh.

Students also took advantage of playing horseshoes, soccer, Frisbee and football. Children enjoyed playing on the playground and climbing the trees, as well as trying their hand at horseshoes. They also enjoyed playing soccer, Frisbee and football.

Graduate students in the chemistry department represented at least 12 countries including: the United States, Iran, China, Nepal, Korea, Mexico, Colombia, India, Italy, Spain, Canada and the Philippines. If the department picnic is anything to judge by, we have some things in common besides chemistry: noodles, preserving memories via digital film, and volleyball.

One of the students was also talking excitedly about learning to snowboard in “The Greatest Snow on Earth”- Utah. “In Iran, we get some snow,” she said, “but I’ve never tried to ski or snowboard. I’m planning to go this winter!”

There was plenty of laughter and fun to go around that sunny Saturday. Even the weather smiled down as the trees filled with children and the game on the volleyball court stayed active.

By Jessica Henrie