Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Milton Lee and Dr. Adam Woolley named in Analytical Scientist Power List 2019.

Posted: Nov 21, 2019

Congratulations to emeritus Professor of Analytical Chemistry Dr. Milton Lee and professor Adam Woolley for being featured in the Analytical Scientist Power List 2019.

Dr. Adam Woolley

Career Highlight

Working with a diverse group of excellent students and colleagues, and being able to watch their continued professional development.

The Future

I see two key yet diverging directions: miniaturizion and simplification through tools like integrated microdevices, paper microfluidics, 3D printing and point-of-care diagnostics, and sophisticated analytical instrumentation that yields ever-increasing amounts of information with improved detection limits.

Emeritus Professor Milton Lee

Research goal

My research has moved towards small, portable chromatographic instrumentation, most recently producing a hand-portable micro/nanoflow capillary liquid chromatograph.

Best advice received

When I started at Brigham Young University some 40 years ago, I was advised to look for opportunities for collaboration. Taking that advice, I've had the pleasure to work with colleagues in enviromental biology, developmental biology, microbiology, plant science, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and so on.

Nominator comment

"Milton has made consistent contributions to separation science in many fields, and is a pioneer in the development of new technologies and instruments.