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Posted: Feb 25, 2011

Dr. Douglas J. Henderson’s research is currently highlighted onThe Journal of Chemical Physics website homepage,

The article, “Analyzing the components of the free energy landscape in a calcium selective ion channel by Widom’s particle insertion method,” was co-authored by Dr. Henderson along with four other university professors: Dezso Boda, Janhavi Giri, Robert Eisenberg and Dirk Gillespie.

“This is an impressive accomplishment with which you must be very pleased,” JCP editor Marsha I. Lester said in an e-mail to the authors. “The Journal of Chemical Physics ranks number one in total citations by the ISI with an impact factor of 3.093 in the category of Atomic, Molecular and Chemical Physics. We hope that you will continue to contribute your research to our journal. The editors and staff wish you the best with your future research.

Read Dr. Henderson’s article

By Jessica Henrie