Chemistry and Biochemistry

Former Department Employee Dies at 99

Posted: Jan 07, 2011

Leonard “Woody” Woodward died December 25, 2010 at age 99 in his daughter’s home in St. George.

Woody was born October 14, 1911 to Carrie Esp Woodward and Landis Woodward. He grew up in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. From an early age, Woody was involved in ham radio and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Having spent 87 years in the organization, Woody is America’s longest-tenured Scout.

“Dad liked to do a lot of things. He was just a busy, busy, person,” Woody’s daughter Carolyn Ormand told the Daily Herald. “As children we would do lots of things with him, if you could keep up with him.”

Woody worked in the Instrument Shop for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry until he retired. For more information, please see the obituary or article.

By Jessica Henrie

Courtesy photo given to the Daily Herald.