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Interview with Professor Emeritus Morris J. Robins in Highlights in Chemical Science journal

Posted: Oct 07, 2009

Dr Morris J Robins, emeritus BYU professor, encourages young people to pursue their interests with patience and vigor in an interview for the Highlights in Chemical Science Journal:  "I would advise young people to find out what they are really interested in, what they can be patient about pursuing, and then become immersed in it. They should understand it and go beyond where most people are willing to go. I was able to make discoveries by understanding the fundamentals and going a step beyond on a more qualitative rather than quantitative basis."

Dr. Robins taught at Brigham Young University from 1987-2007. He was interviewed by Kathleen Too about his research and his take on retirement, among other topics. The interview, published in the Highlights in Chemical Science Journal, is entitled "Understanding the Fundamentals." Click here for the full article.

Much of his work and research has focused on organic chemistry. Some of his main achievements have been in the areas of bio-organic, medicinal and organic chemistry. Dr. Robins has received several awards including the J. Rex Goates Professor of Chemistry Award, and the Prix Galien Canada Research Award.