Chemistry and Biochemistry

Josh Youngs Wins the ASBMB Poster Competition

Posted: Jun 09, 2022

Josh Youngs recently won the ASBMB Undergraduate Poster Competition in the cellular biology category. The research he did in order to win this award involves a cellular pathway called Autophagy, which cells use to recycle waste into basic materials. He worked closely with graduate students Daniel Poole and Ashari Kannangara in the lab of Dr. Joshua Andersen where he was able to contribute significantly to this research. After working in this lab for three and a half years, Youngs has been able to develop crucial skills that helped him to win this award. He shared that “winning this award is one of the culminating achievements of three and a half years of dedicated effort,” and “receiving this award greatly bolsters my confidence in my ability to contribute life-changing research to the scientific and medical communities, which has been and will always be my ultimate goal in science.”

Pictured is Josh and one of the judges with his award.