Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lots of Fun and Food at Annual Department Picnic

Posted: Sep 14, 2011

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry kicked off the new school year with fun and food at the annual department picnic held in Rock Canyon on Saturday, September 10.

The event was well attended with a large group of graduate students, faculty, staff and their families. Former students and colleagues attending a symposium in honor of Dr. Milton Lee, which took place this weekend, were also invited.

It was a beautiful afternoon for activities and the traditional potluck. The air was quickly filled with conversation and shouts of laughter from both children and adults as the serving table under the pavilion slowly disappeared under an assorted array of salads, side dishes and desserts. The main course, provided by the department, was decidedly American -- fried chicken. The rest of the food perfectly exemplified the incredible and exciting diversity there is within the department as many students brought a side dish native to their country. Food from China, India, Korea, Columbia, Italy, and others, was enjoyed by all.

Dr. John Lamb started off the event with a warm welcome to all in attendance and led the introductions of new students, faculty and staff. Dinner followed, and then the activities began.

Last year, the highlight of the night was arguably sand volleyball. This year, tug-of-war stole the prize. Dr. Jeff Macedone guided the formation of multiple contests between faculty, students, and children while David Petrucci, one of the graduate students, acted as a judge for who won. Later in the evening, Petrucci also directed five “Minute to Win It” challenges. Two other graduate students set up a “redneck croquet” game, played with bowling balls and mallets instead of the typical croquet balls and bats and Dr. Macedone started a water balloon toss on the volleyball court.

By Jessica Henrie