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National Chemistry Week 2019: Three Celebrations in One Week

Posted: Nov 11, 2019

This year’s National Chemistry Week coincided the International Year of the Periodic Table as well as the centennial anniversary of the BYU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Celebrations for this spectacular event took place from the 20- 26 October. In honor of the International Year of the Periodic Table, the theme for this year was “Marvelous Metals.”

Students, faculty, and community members came together to enjoy a week full of Magic Shows, liquid nitrogen ice-cream, chemistry mugs and shirts, a “hands-on workshop” especially for children, a symposium, and a research poster session with reception.

This year’s distinguished symposium lecturer was Dr. Steven Wood. His lecture was titled "The Periodic Table: 150 Years of Serving up the Elements in an Orderly Fashion -- With Style.”

National Chemistry Week was first celebrated in November 1987. This celebration was founded by the American Chemical Society and aims to build awareness of the positive impact of chemistry at a local, national, and global level. 



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In celebration of National Chemistry Week ACS created a ChemCatcher for students. To download the file and access the instructions click here.


Written by: Taelin Wilford