Chemistry and Biochemistry

Recognizing Student Excellence, an Annual Affair

Posted: May 19, 2021

Awards night this year may have been different from previous years, but it surely didn’t disappoint.

Students, faculty, and administrators gathered on April 14th, 2021 for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry annual awards night- only this year it was different than most, due to current COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Utah. Instead of the typical awards night and dinner, individuals gathered via Zoom to be recognized by the department.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry wishes to congratulate the hardworking undergraduate and graduate students below for their consistent dedication to their studies, research, and to the chemistry community. 

A very special thanks to our donors, whose endowed funds have made these awards possible.

2021 Undergraduate Student Awards

In honor of a former professor, chair, dean and associate vice president of the department, Eliot A. Butler, an annual service award is presented by the department each year. This year the department recognizes a student for his exceptional service to the lecture prep lab, his creation of video demonstrations to assist in remote teaching, and his consistency in showing initiative to help faculty and students deal with any pandemic related challenges.

The Keith P. Anderson Endowment funds many of the undergraduate awards. We thank him and his family for their generosity to the department and its students. These awards include, the Freshman Chemistry Major Award, the Freshman Chemistry Non-Major Award, the Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award, the ACS Organic Chemistry Major Award, the ACS Organic Chemistry Major Award, the Organic Chemistry Non-Major Award, the Chemistry Literature Award, the Physical Chemistry Award, the Biochemistry Major Award, the Biochemistry Non-Major Award, the Inorganic Chemistry Award, and the Analytical Chemistry Award. 

2021 Graduate Student Awards

The Loren and Maurine F. Bryner Fellowship, funded by Emeritus Professor Loren C. Bryner and Emeritus Faculty member of Food Science and Nutrition Maurine F. Bryner, helps to recognize advanced continuing graduate students. 

The Jennie R. Swensen Scholarship, named in honor of Dr. Albert D. Swensen and his lifetime of contributing to the department and in memory of his wife Jennie R. Swensen, recognizes three graduate students this year. 

The Telford and Frank Woolley Memorial Fellowship recognizes outstanding graduate students in research for cancer and other health related areas in memory of Telford Woolley, a physician who died from cancer, and his father Frank. 

The Garth L. Lee Award, named after Professor Garth L. Lee, a past professor of chemistry at Utah State University, recognizes a continuing graduate student for religious commitment and service. 

The J. Rex and Marcia A. Goates Research Fellowship, named in honor of Dr. Rex Goates and his wife, is awarded in gratitude for Dr. Goates’ service to the department as researcher, teacher, department dean and chair. 

The Bradshaw Organic Fellowship recognizes an advanced organic chemistry graduate student for scholarship and achievement in research, named in honor of Jerald S. Bradshaw, an emeritus faculty member. 

The Roland K. Robins Research Fellowship, named in honor of Dr. Roland K. Robins, recognizes outstanding graduate students for their academic achievements and research accomplishments. 

The Charles E. and Margaret P. Maw Fellowship annually recognizes an advanced chemistry graduate student for excellence in academics and research. It is named in honor of Charles E. Maw, the founding chair of the BYU Department of Chemistry. His wife Margaret P. Maw served the community as a teacher, school principal, and prominent civic leader. 

Additional Awards 2021

Each year the Ida Tanner Hamblin Outstanding 3rd Year Female Chemist Award recognizes an outstanding female student in the chemistry department. Ida Tanner Hamblin was the first woman to take sufficient chemistry classes during her undergraduate years to qualify for a chemistry degree from BYU. As a means of honoring her, her husband Lawrence O. Hamblin established an endowment to the Chemistry Department in her honor. 

In honor of Keith P. Anderson, who was a professor of Chemistry at BYU for more than 35 years, the Keith P. Anderson Outstanding Graduating BS, MS, and PhD award recognizes students for their overall classroom performance, involvement in research and department citizenship.