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Cell Sorting / Bio-mass Spectrometry



Dr. Daniel Mortensen 

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Mass Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry Cell Sorting

Lavender Lin

Mass Spec Technicians:

Russell (Rusty) Denton

Mass Spec Technicians: 

Daniel Call


Mass Spectrometers: (E150 BNSN)
Flow Cytommetry Cell Sorter: (E267 BNSN)

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer

(ThermoFisher Website)

FACS Aria Fusion

(BD Biosciences Website)

6530 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS

(Agilent Technologies Website)



Pricing and Procedures

Mass Spectrometry

Cell Sorting


$15 per hour

* All times are rounded up to the nearest 5 minute increment for analysis lasting 60 minutes or less and to the nearest 10 minute increment for long analysis. 

Policies and Procedures

  1. All sample analysis via mass spectrometry are performed by a technician. 
  2. Samples will not be analyzed unless they are accompanied by a fully completed worklist. The worklists can be downloaded here:
    1. Orbitrap
    2. Q-ToF
  3. Suggested Methodsfor sample preparation are provided bellow:
    1. On-Filter Trypsin Digest
    2. In Gel Sample Prep for LCMS Sequencing
  4. If data acquired and or analyzed in this facility is included in a publication, financial support from the Fritz B. Burns Foundation should be acknowledged. For example: “Mass spectrometry was supported by the Fritz B. Burns Foundation (2016 gift to Brigham Young University).”

Use of FACS Aria Fusion Cell Sorter


$30 per hour

* All times are rounded up to the nearest 15 minute increment. Times under 30 minutes, (such as examining data) are not charged. 

  • Cells must be filtered prior to sorting.
  • A minimum concentration of 106 cells per mL is recommended for optimal sorting. TA assisted sorts that are estimated to take more than 1 hour to complete must have a minimum concentration of 106 cells per mL. Exceptions to this policy can be made for precious cell lines.
  • There are no time restrictions (including after hours) for using the cell sorter by trained individuals. Please inform us when you plan to use the instrument to help with scheduling.
  • TA assistance for cell sorting is available during the time periods indicated on the calendar below. A minimum of 24 hours’ (48 hours preferred) notice is required for all TA assisted sorts. All TA assisted sorts are expected to be completed by 5 pm. New tubes will generally not be loaded onto the cell sorter after 4:45 pm. Please plan accordingly.




Legacy Array:

Large Array 1 (General Usage):

Large Array 2: