Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chem Stores

The Chem Stores carry a wide variety of chemicals, lab equipment, and scientific supplies (including compressed gases, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice) to support the BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry's teaching and research labs. The Stores also offer special order options for items it does not normally keep in stock.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks must be worn and social distancing must be practiced inside the Chem Stores.

For information on the Stores' ordering, pickup, and inventory procedures and policy, click here for information about the Centralized Chemical Inventory.

General Information

Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm, M-F

Please note that the Chem Stores are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Location: 126 Nicholes Building (NICB)

Contact Information

  1. Chem Stores reception
  2. Matthew Allen, Manager
  3. Duane Tucker, Receiving Manager

 To access FAQ about the Chem Stores, click here.

To access the variety of official policies and forms used by the Chem Stores, click here.



               Matthew Allen                 Duane Tucker                  Todd Fluckiger                      Erik Hobson

              Manager                   Assistant Manager/            Assistant Manager/                        1st                   

                                                        Receiving Manager                   Purchasing Agent             Major: Chemical Engineering

         Fun Fact: been to 26 countries!  Fun Fact: never missed school!    Fun Fact: fluent in Visaya!   Fun Fact: made a Wii golf hole-in-one!      


              Brooke Christianson             Chandler Cottam                 Jack Hoen                      Caitlyn Bledsoe

              Stockroom Assistant          Student Safety Officer   Oldest & Eldest, Stores Bulwark        Stockroom Assistant 

   Major: Pre-Medical Laboratory Science           Major: Public Health         Major: Exercise Science              Major: Psychology

  Fun Fact: Extra Season 2 of The Chosen Fun Fact: minute rice in 46 sec.! Fun Fact: loves climbing rocks!             Fun Fact: loves crossfit!      


                Blake Fillmore                  Olivia Galindo                   Christian Nitz                     Hannah Hart

            Stockroom Assistant             Stockroom Assistant           Stockroom Assistant             Stockroom Assistant 

           Major: Exercise Science            Major: Chemistry                          Major: Biology                  Major: Exercise Science

           Fave CAS #: 420-69-9     Fun Fact: polar bears are left-handed!  Fun Fact: dual citizen (US and Germany) Fun Fact: loves Chad!      


              Michayla Hassing                 Kellie Herron                   Megara Jensen                     Hamdi Malhees

    Stockroom Assistant, Sarah's Love     Stockroom Assistant            Stockroom Assistant         Stockroom Assistant, HOTTIE 

              Major: Biochemistry              Major: Chemistry                     Major: Biochemistry           Major: Chemical Engineering

            Fave CAS #: 67-66-3            Fun Fact: makes maple syrup!      Fun Fact: knows folk dances!             Fun Fact: from Jerusalem!


          Brandon Lopez                  Konnor Malik Mueller                    Jared Murri                  Madie Westerlind

        Stockroom Assistant                      Stockroom Assistant  Ferrule Knight, Safe Sovereign, Hero of Men   Stockroom Assistant 

         Major: Microbiology                  Major: Chemical Engineering              MajorCivil Engineering  MajorPhysiology and Developmental Biology       Fun Fact: Sung in choirs since fifth grade     Fun Fact: loves glasses!               Fave CAS #: 3141596-53-5     Fun Fact: can break a banana in half with her head  

Last updated 30 April 2021