Chemistry and Biochemistry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Nicholes building (NICB)?

A. The NICB (est. 1971) was originally meant to house the Chem Stores; the NICB was a distinct building on campus, located just south of the Eyring Science Center. When the Benson building (BNSN) was built in 1995, its northeast end was attached to the NICB. 

The NICB houses the Chem Stores, the Science Support Shop, the Chemistry Business Office, the Chemistry Computer Support Resource Office, the Glassblower's Shop, several Maxwell Institute technology support offices, and several geology labs.

Q. Where is the NICB?

A. The NICB is adjacent and connected to the BNSN. To access the NICB from the BNSN, walk to the north end of the main corridor on the BNSN's first or second floor. A door at the end of the hall will grant entrance to the NICB.

Q. Why do the Chem Stores not permit credit/debit card purchases?

A. The vast majority of Stores stales are charges to research accounts. The Stores allow cash sales and BYU signature card sales, but because credit/debit card are the minority of Stores sales, the Stores do not have the technology necessary to allow for them anymore.

Q. Do students have to pay for lab equipment? 

A. All students in Chem 107, Chem 113, Chem 223, and Chem 227 are charged a basic lab fee to cover gloves, chemicals, and disposable glassware.

Q. How can faculty set up a Stores charge account? 

A. Faculty must fill out an account form and provide it to the Stores in order to set up a Stores charge account. Click here to obtain a copy of that form.

Q. How can faculty authorize students to make purchases using faculty accounts?

A. Faculty must fill out a form and provide it to the Stores in order to authorize students to use faculty accounts. Click here to obtain a copy of that form.

Q. Why are dry ice sales limited for each customer? 

A. The Stores receives weekly deliveries of dry ice from Airgas. Since that delivery must last a full week, the Stores cannot sell over 10lbs. dry ice without manager approval.

To purchase more than 10lbs. dry ice, please at latest notify the Stores (see contact information on the Stores landing page) by Monday of the week the dry ice will be required.

Q. Why can't liquid nitrogen be purchased with cash?

A. Because liquid nitrogen is a hazardous and cold chemical (-196F°), it requires a special carrier to transport it and knowledge in how to safely use it. As a result, the Stores will not sell liquid nitrogen for cash; Stores liquid nitrogen is meant for research use, not personal use. Customers wishing to buy liquid nitrogen for personal use will be referred to local dispensers.

Q. How does one become a Stores employee?

A. The Stores staffs 10-12 student employees. When spots are available (typically near a semester's beginning or end, due to employee graduation), informative signs will be posted in various prominent locations on the BNSN and NICB main floors.

Applicant prerequisites include: customer-friendly and detail-oriented people who have completed of Chem 105, 106, and 107 or 111, 112, and 113. Applications include: a paper form and, sometimes, interviewing with Stores managers.