Chemistry and Biochemistry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the Nicholes Building, and why is its location so confusing?

A. The Nicholes Building was completed in 1971. Its original purpose was to house the Chemistry Stockroom and all the items it sells. It was originally a separate building on campus, located immediately south of the Eyring Science Center, but when the Benson Building was built in 1995, it was joined to the Nicholes Building on the BNSN's northeast end. So, now they are often thought of as being the same building.

To get to the NICB from inside the BNSN, walk to the north end of the main corridor on either the first or second floor. After passing through an open doorway, you'll be in the Nicholes building. In addition to the Chemistry Central Stockroom, the NICB houses the chemistry business office, the science support shop, the chemistry CSR office, the glassblower's shop, some technology support offices for the Maxwell Institute and some geology labs.

Q. How does one become a CCS employee?

A. The Chemistry Central Stockroom has 10-12 student employees on its staff. Often at the beginning or end of a semester, we need to hire a new person or two -- usually due to the graduation of employees. When this happens, signs are posted in various prominent locations on the main floor of the NICB and the BNSN with information for applying. The pre-requisite for applicants is completion of Chem 105, 106, and 107 or 111, 112, and 113. Applying for a position consists of filling out an application, with a possibility of meeting with the stockroom managers for an interview. Dependable people who are good with detail and with customer relations are highly sought after.

Q. Why can't I use a credit/debit card at the stockroom?

A. The vast majority of sales in the stockroom are charges to research accounts. We do make cash sales but since they are such a small percentage of our sales, we do not have the electronic set-up required for credit card sales. However, we are able to make sales on BYU signature cards.

Q. How can I set up an account at the stockroom? (faculty only)

A. We have a form to fill out which gives us the needed information to set up an account for you. Click here to obtain a copy of that form.

Q. How do I authorize students to make purchases on my account? (faculty only)

A. We have a form to fill out which gives us the needed information to add authorized students to your account. Click here to obtain a copy of that form.

Q. Why is there a limit on how much dry ice I can buy?

A. We receive a weekly delivery of dry ice from Airgas which must last us the full week. Since we have a limited amount, we can't sell over 10 lbs. without a manager's approval. If your lab knows in advance that you will need a large amount of dry ice, please let us know by Monday of the week you need it (at the latest) so that we can order the additional amount.

Q. Why can't I buy liquid nitrogen or dry ice for cash?

A. Because liquid nitrogen is a hazardous chemical (temperature is -196 degrees F), it requires a special carrier to transport it, and knowledge in how to safely use it. Because of these concerns, the departmental policy is that we don't sell it for cash. Its purpose is for use in research labs, not personal use.

We have a weekly delivery of dry ice which must last us the full week. Its purpose is for use in research labs, not personal use. So, since we have a limited amount available, we do not sell it for cash, but refer customers to local supermarkets which sell it.