Chemistry and Biochemistry

Policies and Forms

1. Sales


The following policies govern who we can make sales to. Thanks for understanding the following limitations.


Charge Sales (require a BYU ID card):


Cash Sales:

The general public may make cash purchases with exceptions that follow. We cannot sell to commercial or for-profit entities because of tax code violations. Cash sales are cash, check or signature card only. We are unable to accept credit or debit cards. The following items may not be purchased for cash:



2. Safety carriers


Any chemical that comes in a glass container (no matter how small) must leave our premises in a safety carrier; a well-packed box, or on a sturdy cart. If you have a safety carrier in your lab, please bring it with you when purchasing a chemical. If you don't have a safety carrier, we can either sell or loan you one. Please return a loaned carrier as soon as possible so that we will have them for others to use.


3. Gloves


To avoid the question of contamination, please remove gloves before entering the stockroom. The departmental policy is that we cannot serve you if you are wearing gloves.


4. Carts


The stockroom has numberous carts in various sizes and several gas carts which we will loan on a short-term basis. Our policy is to retain the customer's BYU ID card until the cart is returned.


5. Liquid nitrogen dispensing hours


To dispense liquid nitrogen, the line from the 2000 liter bulk tank outside the building must be cooled down sufficiently for the nitrogen to flow as a liquid, not gas. Because of the LN loss that occurs during this cooling process, we have set dispensing hours as 8:00 am - 10:00 am and 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm so that we can maintain a cold line from the fills done during this time.


We will fill LN dewars between the dispensing hours, but at a higher price to compensate for the loss from cooling down the line.


If you have a small dewar to fill (under 4 liters), we can fill it at any time for the dispensing-hour price from our portable 50 liter dewar because the bulk tank delivery line is not involved.


6. Special order fees


The stockroom will place special orders for supplies, chemicals or specialty compressed gases that are not in our inventory, however a fee is charged for this service.


For supplies or chemicals, the standard fee is $20 per order. However, for low-cost items, alternate arrangements will be made with the manager.


For compressed gases, the standard fee is either $20 or 20% of the cost of the gas, whichever is least.