Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email and Printer Setup

Here in the department we use an enterprise version of gmail.  As part of the hiring process you should meet with Randy Morgan or Kristian Petersen in the CSR office (N209 NICB) and set this up.  Whatever program you use to view your email, you will use your chemistry gmail username and password.  Unless you set your passwords the same, this may not be the same as your normal chemistry credentials.

Accessing your Email

You can use to login and view your email.  

Google provides instructions for setting up your email to view emails in other programs on their website.

Detailed instructions for setting up viewing email in several programs can be found here.

If you have an issue with these setups, you can submit a ticket for us to come and help you in our ticketing system.

Printer Setup

To have a department network printer setup on your computer please submit a ticket in our ticketing system. When the ticket asks you to select a Help Topic, select “New Machine Setup”.  This will add to the ticket form and give you space to provide a description.  Say something like “Printer Setup” in the summary.  Then, give your office in the Location box and give your availability.  In the future, all computer issues should be submitted here.

A full example is given below.