Chemistry and Biochemistry

Software Licenses

SciFinder Scholar:

Install SciFinder Scholar for Windows or Mac OS X here.


Download a Virtual Private Network client here.

Cambridge Soft:

Downloads for ChemOffice, Chemdraw, BioAssay, Spotfire, and access to several databases. 

Before you can install and use CambridgeSoft Applications, you must complete the following steps:

1. Visit CambridgeSoft website here.

2. Account Verification

  • Enter valid institution email address (ending in,,, or
  • Only individuals who are current faculty, staff or students at BYU may install and use Cambridge Soft applications under the BYU site licence. To verify your status, Cambridge requires that you have a valid, current email address at BYU.

3. Account Verification

  • Click "Continue" on account verification screen.

4. Cambridge Soft User Application

  • Sign up for a new CambridgeSoft User Account or login to an existing account.
  • If you have an existing CS User Account, email confirmations will be sent to the email@[institution domain] and not the address of the existing account.
  • Remember your login name and password because it will be needed to access online databases.

5. Login

  • After creating your account, login to CambridgeSoft with your username and password.

6. Download Software

  • Download ChemDraw/ChemOffice here.
  • An email will be sent with instructions to access software and/or databases--Please forward a copy of this email to

7. CambridgeSoft User Account

  • Users can manage their CambridgeSoft User Account by logging in here.

For lab use or to obtain a cd for application installation, please contact the CSR office (801-422-5771)

BYU has purchased an academic site license for the following products:

Product Platform         License Duration
ChemBioOffice Ultra        Windows Expires Yearly
ChemDraw Ultra Macintosh Expires Yearly
BioAssay Pro Windows (No Expiration)
ChemDraw/Spotfire Windows (No Expiration)

The following are ONLINE DATABASES--You must access these with a vaild account name and password:

Product License Duration
ChemACX: Personal Internet Edition Expires Yearly
ChemINDEX & NCI: Personal Internet Edition       Expires Yearly
Ashgate Drugs 2.1: Personal Internet Edition Expires Yearly
MestReC Std. (Menova Lite) (No Expiration)