Chemistry and Biochemistry

Software Information & Instructions

The following products are available for use by faculty, staff, and students of the BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.


CambridgeSoft permits access to BioAssay, ChemDraw, ChemOffice, Spotfire, and several online databases.

  1. Installing CambridgeSoft
    1. Click here to visit CambridgeSoft's website.
    2. Search for Brigham Young University.
    3. Select "Register" or "Download" depending on which program you wish to access.
    4. Log in or create a new account using a valid BYU email address (ex: an address ending in,,, or
      • Only current faculty, staff, and students of BYU may install and use CambridgeSoft applications under the BYU site license.
    5. CambridgeSoft will email you a license of use. Forward this email to the Computer Resource Support (CSR) office at
      • BYU has purchased an academic site license for the programs listed below.
        • BioAssay Pro (Windows platform; no expiration)
        • ChemBioOffice Ultra (Windows platform; expires yearly)
        • ChemDraw Ultra (Mac platform; expires yearly)
        • ChemDraw/Spotfire (Windows platform; no expiration)
      • BYU has purchased academic access to the online databases listed below. Each must be accessed with a valid BYU email account.
    6. After downloading ChemDraw and/or ChemOffice, check your email for CambridgeSoft instructions about accessing software and databases. Forward this email to the CSR office at
    7. Log in here to manage your CambridgeSoft account.
    8. Contact the CSR office at or at 801-422-5771 to set up CambridgeSoft for lab use or to obtain a CD for application installation.

SciFinder Scholar

Windows Users: Click here to install SciFinder Scholar.

Mac OS X Users: Click here to install SciFinder Scholar.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Click here to learn more about downloading a VPN client.

If you need assistance with any of this, go to and submit a ticket.